Our Values

Cheeky Apple stands for the following:


We use only certified organic fabrics. We ensure that our fabrics are free from any pesticides or other harmful substances, and are produced according to the highest social and ecological standards.

Fair production in the EU

Our collections are produced by a family business in Croatia with many years of experience in the textile industry. Along each segment of the production cycle, we ensure that employees are paid fair wages.

Comfy and cheerful

Cheeky Apple clothing is known for being comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Are designs are unique as they "grow along" with your kids - this means that Cheeky Apple clothing can be worn longer than mass-produced children's clothing. Our generously cut styles are especially suited to cloth-nappy wearing baby. Last but not least: our colourful, cheerful designs are bound to put a smile on your face!

Baby collection: ages 0-2 years
Children's collection: 3-10 years

Personal & authentic

Cheeky Apple is based in Landersdorf, Lower
Austria, between Krems an der Donau and St. Pölten. The owner is the mother of
three, Heidi Schobel, who runs the company with the support of a small team and
the loving support of her family.

We are oriented towards joy, are flexible and adaptable, authentic and love the diversity of life.In our customer service, proximity to the customer is important to us!