About us

It all started one July afternoon on the beach on island Krk.

The children had the pine forest all to themselves because the clouds had chased away the sunbathers. It looked like it was about to rain – but that was fine with us as it was the last day of vacation for our families. And then, we started daydreaming:

  • What if we could give our children more moments like this?
  • What if we could organize our own time between family and work?
  • What if our jobs consisted of selecting beautiful and meaningful things and being able to pass them on?
  • What if we only chose things that were made under fair conditions?
  • What if these things had been made from organic materials only?
  • What if we cleaned up the environment a bit by recycling and upcycling?
  • What if we could give new talent and designers a platform?
  • What if we could support the textile industry in Europe, which is mostly run by women?

These are some of the reasons that made us open our small slow fashion trade business, Hulenoolja. A few months later, we got the chance to add the renowned kids’ organic clothing brand CheekyApple to our business. In close collaboration with the Cooperative of workers of Kamensko, an all female self-organized group of seamstresses based in Zagreb, Croatia, we are continuing to produce CheekyApple garments from organic materials under fair and honest conditions.

With the support of our customers, who share our values and concerns, we strive to continue the success story of CheekyApple and maintain its high standards.

We’ll keep ticking the boxes from the list above!

Martina & Katarina